A cup of tea can create a relaxing, aromatic experience, and can serve up a refined atmosphere with pretty china, or a Zen-like feel with Oriental tea pots. 

“Tea relaxes and elevates the mood, the British are big believers in a cup of tea when they’re feeling anxiety or they are upset,” said Sue Swenson, co-owner of Mrs. Bridges’ Pantry, a tea shop in Woodstock.

While the British cherish “tea times,” Americans haven’t embraced the tradition, and the correct way to serve tea isn’t everyday knowledge. 

Serving a cup of tea has less to do with creating a formal fuss than it has to do with releasing the myriad flavors and scents of tea; from the sensuous bergamot in Earl Grey to the robust English breakfast, to the more delicate Jasmine tea infused with floral tones. 
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