Ok, so when we're done this afternoon, a bunch of us from work will go watch GI Joe.  I'm so excited.  I grew up on this shit.  Plus, Sienna Miller looks so hot as the Baroness.  I know that she's a blond, but man, she's smokin as a brunette. I haven't heard much about GI Joe.  Only seen the trailers, so I'm hopeful.  Maybe I'll post a review over the weekend.  So stay tuned.

Speaking of hot.  This one girl (from work) asked me to reserve Halloween at her place.  She said that Halloween is on a Saturday this year and that she wants a big party.  She's cute.  I'm getting the vibe.  Who knows.  Work place romance does not really work out, at least for me.  I had one before.  Maybe this time it's different.

sexy plus size witch costumeI asked this girl what she'll be wearing.  She's thinking fairy or witch.  Hmm...a sexy witch costume, just like this picture will do so much for me.  Might even get over the anxiety of dating a co-worker and seal the deal.  I got a few more weeks to figure this one out.  I just like the job so I don't really want to risk anything.

Speaking of ho's...I'm going to Vegas in two weeks!  I haven't gone in over a year and I'm having withdrawal sickness.

That's all for today.  Stay tuned for my GI Joe movie review.