Dead Space 3
The story of “Dead Space 3? starts with a literal bang as we see events that occurred on Tau Volantis 200 years prior to the rest of the game. A veritable treasure trove of questions will be opened and I’m sorry to say that not all of them will be answered, but more on that later. We then move to an ever-dysfunctional Isaac Clarke, who is upset over the loss of “Dead Space 2? interest, Ellie. Don’t worry, she just left his hallucinating self, she’s not dead like Nicole.

As is Isaac’s lot in life, the Unitologists are up to no good and Ellie, Carver and Ellie’s new beau, Norton, have a glimmer of information that may serve to stop the Unitologists’ evil plan. But not before the moon colony is destroyed by the crazy religious cult, which is one of the first head scratching moments of the plot. The gameplay action itself is solid, but the Unitologists’ devotion to the Marker has always been that they believe it will bring them to the ever holy Convergence. Moments like this provide many shaky peeks into the beliefs of the religious cult, some of which feel at odds with what we already know.
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