This year, I did not get a chance to go to Comic Con in San Diego.  And my cousin asked me to visit him in Atlanta, Georgia.  He's stationed somewhere around there.  I couldn't get there this time around.  Money is tight and I thought I'd spend something a little closer to home.  But, in any case, he told me to look up info on DragonCon and see if it's something I could show up for next year.

I did my quick research and wow!  DragonCon looks like it's a lot of fun.  It's a pop-culture convention.  Kinda like how Comic Con evolved to what it is now.  Comic Con began as a comic book convention.  But it's now anything geeky stuff.  They even had the TV show Glee making an appearance.  That show seemed out of place.

Dragon*Con is inclusive of anything pop-culture, it seems.  So we're talking anime, comic books, sci-fi movies, and fantasy.  From the Flickr postings, there are random elven and faerie costumes that cosplayers wear to Dragon Con.  Below is a sampling of pictures.

Hot girls of Dragoncon 2010:

Batgirl costume circa 1960s TV show with Yvonne Craig as the character.

Chick in Gene Simmons costume of KISS.  Her tongue looks long enough.

Blackcat costume from Marvel Comics.

Chick in a hot fairy costume.  Don't think it's from any particular book, show, or movie.  Perhaps a video game.

Jasmine costume.  We know her from Alladin movie.  I believe that horny guys got excited over Kim Kardashian in a Jasmine costume a few years ago for Halloween.

Snow fairy costume.  Not sure if that's the name or if there's even such a thing.  But this one is my favorite.

Playboy bunny costume.  Nothing makes a costume party better than voluptous ladies in a Playboy bunny costume.

Sexy Supergirl costume.  If you watch Smallville, you know what I'm talking about.

Silk Spectre costume.  The one worn by Malin Ackerman's character in Watchmen.  The first Silk Spectre, and mother of the Malin's character, was played by Carla Gugino.

Harlequin costume?  I'm not sure if she's suppose to be the villain, Harleyquin (Harley for short) from Batman.

Princess Leia slave costume.  Nothing more to be said, other than wow.  Always wow.

Street Fighter Chun Li costume.  Always a favorite among cosplayer.

All pics are from Flickr where more girls of Dragoncon 2010 can be seen.  Enjoy!