Superhero flicks, including their sequels, hardly fail at the box office. And the next superhero flick to watch for is the movie adaptation of the Green Lantern.  He is a founder-member of the Justice League of America, a team of superheroes who banned together to stave off evil doers.  And a set of figures I'm collecting beginning with a Green Lantern statue.

According to the schedule, the motion picture version will be shown in June 2011 and the film stars Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern /  Hal Jordan (name of his secret identity as published in DC comics).

Hal Jordan was born to mom and pop Jessica and Martin Jordan in Coast City.  Before becoming the Green Lantern, he was a trained pilot for the US Air Force.  He was also a boxer.  In a pivotal day of his life, Hal Jordan was to receive the Power Ring from a dying Abin Sur, a policeman from a different planet and a member of the Green Lantern Corps (guardians of the universe).

There were other Green Lanterns in the DC universe, namely Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Alan Scott.  Interestingly enough, each have his own version of Green Lantern bust.  There were times when the Green Lanterns had to work together.  But typically, their stories were solos.

Also, in the world of superheroes, everything also has its ups and downs.  Hal Jordan lusted after Carol Ferris, his superior at the Ferris Aircraft and to be played by Blake Lively. Unfortunately, however, Carol was selected by the Zamarons to become the super-villainess Star Sapphire, who terrorized the world, especially men, consistently.  Thus, Carol's relationship with the Green Lantern grew to become constrained. Next emergedthe legion of critters with nasty goals against those who Hal and his team swore to look after.

For about a certain period of time, Hal Jordan had become that which he had struggled so many times before, a formidable archvillain of hatred.  In the Emerald Twilight series, a strong parasite had taken control over Hal Jordan and changed him into Parallax.  It required a super group of heroes that included Wonder Woman, two Green Lanterns (Alan Scott and Guy Gardner), and number of other superheroes to get rid of him.  Ultimately, Hal Jordan died while battling the Sun eater and was reborn all over again with the same kind heart as before.