I turned on the TV and the Buffalo Bills are playing the Tennessee Titans on NBC.  It's the Hall of Fame game.  The year really went fast.  But I'm excited. I'm a big football fan.  There's nothing like a lazy Sunday and a battle of the grid iron on the tube.

One thing interesting about this year's Hall of Fame game is that Rod Woodson of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bruce Smith of the Buffalo Bills, Derrick Thomas (RIP) of the Kansas City Chiefs and Randall McDaniel of the Minnesota Vikings were inducted in the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame.  These guys were my favorite players in Nintendo's Tecmo Bowl, a popular NFL football video game.  It's from the old school Nintendo 64 system from the 80's and was popular all the way to the 90's until the Madden series became the football video game standard.

In any case, here's to the upcoming football season and hoping that my Dallas Cowboys will get their shit together and win the Super Bowl.