The first thing I learned from the feature on cover girl Amanda Seyfried in Allure's May issue: Her last name is pronounced "sigh-frid." (Don't feel bad, I've been saying it wrong, too.) The next thing I learned: The girl has got some excellent beauty advice, like these tidbits she told to writer Brooke Hauser.

Seyfried always looks so rested and amazing because she's gorgeous...and also because of the skin-care product she can't live without: "My concealer stick from Clé de Peau. I'm always protected; it's not greasy. I mean, it's Clé de Peau. I'm the spokesperson; I'd be an idiot not to use it."

If you slack off on washing your hair, you'll like this: "I wash my hair every three or four days, and I use Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampoo [in between]. It smells amazing. I think they're running out of it in the world because I can only get two on Amazon per order."

And if you're at all self-conscious, you'll really like this: "I have a high forehead, so I like to bring my hairline down a little bit," she says. "I have these little tiny BaByliss tongs, and I straighten right here."