Celeb Beauty Secrets: Amanda Seyfried

October 21, 2015

The first thing I learned from the feature on cover girl Amanda Seyfried in Allure's May issue: Her last name is pronounced "sigh-frid." (Don't feel bad, I've been saying it wrong, too.) The next thing I learned: The girl has got some excellent beauty advice, like these tidbits she told to writer Brooke Hauser.

Seyfried always looks so rested and amazing because she's gorgeous...and also because of the skin-care product she can't live without: "My concealer stick from Clé de Peau. I'm always protected; it's not greasy. I mean, it's Clé de Peau. I'm the spokesperson; I'd be an idiot not to use it."

If you slack off on washing your hair, you'll like this: "I wash my hair every three or four days, and I use Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampoo [in between]. It smells amazing. I think they're running out of it in the world because I can only get two on Amazon per order."

And if you're at all self-conscious, you'll really like this: "I have a high forehead, so I like to bring my hairline down a little bit," she says. "I have these little tiny BaByliss tongs, and I straighten right here." 


10 Tips To BBQ Grilling

September 24, 2013

Grilling is just like any other kind of cooking, it is a learned art. The major difference between grilling and cooking on the stove or in the oven is that grilling is a combination of the two.

You have direct heat from the gas burners or the charcoal and you have indirect heat that fills the grill when the lid is put down. Grills also have higher heat and less control over that heat. With your oven you can set the temperature precisely, but with a grill you either turn on or light the fire an...

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It Had to be Unitologists: Dead Space 3 Story Review

February 22, 2013
Dead Space 3
The story of “Dead Space 3? starts with a literal bang as we see events that occurred on Tau Volantis 200 years prior to the rest of the game. A veritable treasure trove of questions will be opened and I’m sorry to say that not all of them will be answered, but more on that later. We then move to an ever-dysfunctional Isaac Clarke, who is upset over the loss of “Dead Space 2? interest, Ellie. Don’t worry, she just left his hallucinating self, she’s not dead like Nicole.

As is Isa...

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Avril Lavigne

January 18, 2013
Title: Lloyd Webber on The Wizard of Oz, Over the Rainbow – and Avril Lavigne

Try as they might to dress his lordship up as a meanie, Andrew Lloyd Webber is no Simon Cowell.

In the British composer’s appearances as a judge on the recent CBC Television contest Over the Rainbow, producers would play thunderous music and flash the lights before revealing him sitting atop an imposing throne with armrests shaped like growling lions’ jaws.

But the 64-year-old composer of The Phantom of t...

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Big Change in 2013 LCD TV Panel Supply

December 29, 2012
Since Q2’12, the LCD TV panel market has witnessed a shift in screen sizes, with new models focused on 28”, 29”, 39”, 43”, 48”, 50”, 58”, and 60” displays. The rise of the new sizes has become the hottest topic in the LCD TV market. According to the Quarterly Large-Area TFT Panel Shipment Report, these new LCD TV panel sizes accounted for 12% of total LCD TV panels shipped in Q3’12, up from 5% in Q1’12 and 8% in Q2’12. We forecast that the share of these new sizes will...

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Michelin celebrates 25th year with Race of Champions

December 20, 2012
Three-time Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel and seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher delivered a sixth consecutive win for Team Germany in the Nations Cup category in the Race of Champions held at the Rajamangala Stadium here over the weekend.

The individual category, which carried the 2012 Champion of Champions title, went to Formula One driver Romain Grosjean, who beat Audi Le Mans driver Tom Kristensen, 2 to 0, in a tightly contested final race.

Le Mans leg...

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Big Beef tries to shape U.S. Dietary Guidelines, saying it wants to fill ‘information gaps.’

December 14, 2012
It was here in this prosperous New England town that America’s love affair with beef started to lose its sizzle.

It was here a half century ago that obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels were all identified as risk factors for heart disease.

Indeed, it was here that scientists coined the term “risk factor,” triggering the deluge of nutrition research that keeps beef from being “what’s for dinner” in many households.

The study’s impact has been profound for ...

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Fashion slideshow: Get the military look

December 1, 2012
Stand to attention for this season’s military look. Jayne Dawson reveals how to be a style soldier.

Who said fashion trends always have to be impractical? The military look has marched back onto the scene and, with its warm overcoats, handy pockets and stomping boots, it’s perfect for women who want to mix style with comfort.

Banish visions of the Queen’s Guards in their bright red attire – this season is all about a muted camouflage colour palette, accented with black leather or sh...

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Extreme Medication For The Skylanders Giants Habit

November 21, 2012

Technology can have the propensity to take over family life. Whether it’s a constant need to check the Smartphone or a videogame you need to complete, keeping a balance with face to face time can be tricky. My approach is perhaps a little unorthodox but seems to work — we go for broke on a particular craze, burn out and then move on.

Skylanders Giants is an interesting example as it is designed to keep you hooked for a long time. If you’ve not come across it before it’s a videogame...

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Chic Clicks: Natalie Portman’s Dior Ad Banned, Kate Spade Launches Affordable New Line

October 24, 2012
–Natalie Portman‘s Dior mascara ad has been banned in the U.K. — can you guess why? [The Cut]
–Beloved brand Kate Spade New York is getting a hipper, less expensive younger sister: Kate Spade Saturday [FashionETC.]
–Actor Simon Baker (you may remember him as the sleazy journalist from The Devil Wears Prada) is the new face of Givenchy’s next men’s fragrance [WWD]
–How cute is this? Bradley Cooper gets style advice from his mom [InStyle]
read more: http://stylenews.peoplest...
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